Cadet Blues is a novel written by Rob Krider about surviving six months of the California Highway Patrol Academy.  Rob’s laugh out loud storytelling makes this book a fun read. But besides being hilarious, Cadet Blues is an in your face true account of cadet struggles. The characters in Cadet Blues quickly find out academy life isn’t anything like college and it certainly isn’t summer camp. As the cadets do everything they can to survive the experience, they begin to question their career choice, grow and mature through the process, lose friends as they transition from civilians to peace officers, and desperately yearn for graduation day when a shiny badge can finally be pinned on their chests. Cadet Blues is a must read for anyone planning on attending a law enforcement academy, and a great read for anyone else who wondered what the academy experience is like.

Cadet Blues is available now for your Kindle on Amazon.com, for your Nook at Barnes and Noble.com, or for your iPad on iTunes.


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